Why Shop Defits Should Always Be Done By An Expert

When it comes time to close out your lease, and either to start a new one somewhere else or move onto another project, business owners will often try to save a few bucks and do the shop defits themselves. After all, how hard could it be to strip out all the changes you made to the building and leave it as it was when you first arrived? The answer to that is that it can, in fact, be quite difficult to achieve. Here are why shop defits are best left to facility maintenance experts.


Perhaps the last thing you think about and yet one of the hardest to fix or change on short notice is the flooring. Not only does your flooring have to be absolutely spotless before the lease inspection happens, but it needs to be the flooring material that was stipulated in your agreement. If you have changed your flooring, got it super dirty or done anything at all to it other than left it in pristine shape, then you should use experts to get it back up to scratch. The flooring is easy to ignore since you sort of forget about it when you work on it for so long, but it is guaranteed to be one of the first things checked.

Repair Work

Shop defits reveal a lot of broken material, and not all of it can be plastered over or hidden as much as you might like to try. Instead of trying to hastily fix these minor repairs yourself, and most likely making them worse, use the experts who have contacts with carpenters, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers and every trade you could imagine. Many of them are in-house experts and so can fix your broken or damaged materials in a couple of hours, not days. If you use a facility maintenance company to keep your business looking good during your lease, then you might want to check if they offer shop defits, as this is the most efficient way to handle a transition.


Sometimes leases will require you to provide a newly painted interior before you leave, especially if you work in an industry that will quite often leave the inside dirty. Painting is a nightmare to try and do in a rush, and this only gets exacerbated if you are unskilled or inexperienced at painting. Shop defit contractors use professional painters who can cover the whole inside of your property in a few hours without leaving a speck of paint on the floor. They also make sure it is evenly applied, which is a mistake most rookies won't realise they have made until after the paint dries. 

Reach out to a professional who provides shop defits to learn more. 

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