Four Rooms That Will Be Helped By A Skylight

You might be weighing up whether to install a skylight window in your home and where to place it. Consider the following rooms that will particularly benefit. 


While household members are busy cooking and preparing food, the kitchen is busy filling up with humidity, food smells, and vapours. A fan helps to some degree to disperse all these elements. However, if you install a ventilated skylight window, when it's open, it will allow all the moist and odour-filled air to flow outside naturally. Because hot air spontaneously rises towards the ceiling, a skylight will efficiently channel it out. And you'll save money and electricity as you won't have to leave the fan on for so long, soaking up the power. 


Being the place where everyone showers, bathrooms are often humid and moist places. Typically, you might turn on the fan while you're bathing or leave it on for some time afterwards to dispel the humidity. However, some moisture remains as the wet surfaces slowly dry off. An open skylight will help to clear the air more thoroughly. You can leave it open, even for hours, without having to worry about wasting electricity. By allowing an escape route for moisture-filled air, you'll enjoy a cleaner bathroom with less mould build-up.


If your home has a steep gabled roof, you might be considering building an attic to use as a bedroom or general living space. The problem with such high areas, however, is that they can get hot and stuffy. All the warm air that naturally flows upwards will move higher within the home until it reaches an obstruction, typically the ceiling of the uppermost section. Ventilated skylight windows help to release this built-up atmosphere so that the attic doesn't become uncomfortable. 

Home Office

A skylight window, of course, allows for the free flow of daylight as well as air. Thus these openings will create a brighter, more welcoming ambience. If you're working at home and looking at a computer screen for hours, proper illumination is essential, both for comfort and productivity. It's very tiring and hard on your eyes if you're straining to see in dim rooms. Nor are harsh artificial globes comfortable either. 

Position the skylight in the best place for your vision, considering where the desk and other furniture sits. A skylight will also help you to avoid feeling as though you have cabin fever because they can make even small rooms feel more open. 

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