3 Guidelines for Planning a Home Extension Project

We usually build our first house thinking that it is the perfect design for the perfect plans that we have for our families. However, as time goes by and we actually live inside the home, we start realising issues we may have overlooked in the design of the house. When this happens, you are allowed to rethink the design of the house and make changes that will help you expand the available space within.

Here are the three guidelines to follow when planning and executing a home extension project.

Continuity is Key

One of the biggest design mistakes people make when dealing with expansion of indoor space is ignoring the aspect of continuity. Ideally, you should create indoor spaces that match what you already have such that no one will suspect that what has been added was once separate from what existed before. When thinking about continuity, you also need to consider the structural integrity inside your home and also on the streets. If it is difficult to find the basic materials that will blend the old and the new. Go for accessories such as pendant lights, wallpaper and other aesthetics that will transfer the décor style of the old into the new.

New Styles

As much as you want to maintain the general style of your home, it is also a good thing to research on emerging trends in the construction and interior décor sectors. If the new trends will improve the comfort and functionality of the structures that you want to improve in the home, it is best to incorporate the new and blend it with the old. You will find that even slight upgrades can transform your entire home and give it an ultra-modern feel.

Project Management

Another thing that people overlook about house redesign is the construction contractor who will help with the implementation, and the impact they will have on the outcome. It is advisable to get professionals contractors, subcontractors and site managers to handle the smooth transformation of your home. They will advise you on the right changes to make and implement them within the set time frame.

Other considerations to make when remodelling and expanding the home include the budget, permits and temporary solutions for extensions that you cannot afford to make permanently. The success of a home expansion project depends on the contractors you hire for the process and how well they implement the renovation.

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