How to take care of your HVAC system

Keeping the temperature of your building at the right level is essential if you are going to remain comfortable and productive. Imagine being stuck in a building where you were dripping with sweat during the summer and forced to wear extra layers of clothing indoors in the winter. To be sure that you will remain comfortable indoors, you must ensure that the temperature remains constant, and that means taking proper care of your HVAC system. If you are responsible for property maintenance, then regular inspection and servicing your your HVAC should be near the top of your 'to do' list.

What's involved in caring for your HVAC?

One of the most important parts of an HVAC system is the cooling tower, and it is here that problems often start. Cooling towers that are not properly maintained are not only a frequent cause of failure in HVAC systems, but they can also become a public health hazard, spreading Legionnaire's disease and similar medical conditions. In addition to checking your cooling tower, you will also need to inspect your HVAC pipework and check your fan.

Check the pipework

Every HVAC system will have a lot of pipework to connect together the different parts of the system. You must check these pipes regularly to make certain that there are no leaks anywhere and that none of them has become clogged with algae, slime, mud or limescale. Limescale, in particular, can be a serious problem in all parts of HVAC systems, especially cooling towers. If you are located in an area with poor water quality and notice a regular buildup of limescale, it may be worth investing in effective water treatment before it reaches your pipes.

Is the air flowing?

If you notice that the air coming out of your HVAC isn't as cool as you would expect, then there could be an issue with the air flowing through your system. If you have checked that the pipes are free of sludge and debris, then you should examine the fan to check that it is undamaged and remains correctly aligned.

Check the cooling tower

Within cooling towers, you will need to consider the use of biocides to control the growth of microorganisms. You must also check that the water temperature is at the correct level. If you need assistance to carry out any of these tasks, your local HVAC maintenance company will be happy to assist you.


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