What You Should Know About Roof Trusses

You might have heard that if you want your roof to be installed quickly, safely and precisely, you should consider purchasing roof trusses instead of having rafters prepared on the construction site. What are they and what should you know about them?

Definition of Roof Trusses

These are those triangular-shaped beams that support the roof of a structure. They also offer a place to attach your ceiling if you want a ceiling installed. If the structure has a ceiling, the beams are located between the ceiling and your roof. If your structure has no ceiling, you can easily see the roof trusses when you look up.

What Materials Are Roof Trusses Made From?

You can either come across metallic (steel) or timber roof trusses. The choice between these two materials depends on the structure being built and the weight to be supported. Steel is stronger and more durable than wood.

Why Are Roof Trusses Recommended?

Roof trusses are manufactured using computers, meaning you get high levels of precision. You are guaranteed a stable and balanced roof, free of human error because all calculations are performed by computers.  Roof trusses also get to your construction site already joined and all your roof contractors have to do is install them, which is usually a quick process.

You should, however, have a clean and dry place to store the roof trusses when they get to your construction site. You don't want them to be exposed to moisture for a long period. This may cause damage, especially for timber trusses.


When considering roof trusses, you might come across an option for rafters. These resemble roof trusses, but they lack the triangle web design found inside the main triangle frame in roof trusses. This is why roof trusses are more stable and stronger than rafters. Rafters are also assembled on-site, meaning more labour. Roof trusses are pre-manufactured in a factory and installed as they are, thus saving time and labour.  

Roof Truss Mitre Joints

Find out what has been used to hold roof truss mitre joints together. You might come across nailed, bolted and adhesive held joints. Bolted mitre joints are the strongest because they require some work to detach. Your roof specialist will, of course, help you pick out the kind of joints that can bear the weight of your roof. You should, however, note that the stronger the joints are, the more expensive the roof trusses.

For more information about roof trusses, contact a company like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd.

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