Two Steps to Take If a House You Have Just Finished Building Has Been Vandalised

Being informed that a house that you have just finished building has been vandalised can be hard news to cope with. Here are the key steps that you and your building team will need to take after this happens.

Reconsider some of the house's features

Whether you built the house for some future tenants or buyers, or for yourself, this incident could be an opportunity to reconsider the inclusion, or the position of, the specific house features that allowed the vandals to get into the building and damage it. Doing this will lessen the risk of the building being subjected to further incidents of vandalism, which will then either spare you the ordeal of having your home vandalised (if you move into it yourself) or help you to be a more responsible landlord or property seller, who provides their tenants or buyers with secure properties.

For example, if you fitted cheap frames and locks on the doors as a cost-cutting measure, and these flimsy construction materials enabled the vandals to easily get into the house, then it might be wiser to replace these door frames and locks (even if your contractor tells you that the damage done to them is fixable) with sturdier ones rather than repairing them.

Similarly, if you instructed your contractor to put a large statue in the garden, right underneath one of the house's windows and the vandals mounted this statue and used its proximity to the window to reach and break the glass, then you may want to reposition this statue so that it is farther away from the house.

Get the certifier to redo the certification process after you finish replacing or fixing broken features

If prior to this incident, the company whose building certification services you used had already finished inspecting the house's construction work and had given you your certificate, you will need to ask them to send one of their certifiers out to the property to do a second inspection, after you have finished resolving all of the damage that the vandals inflicted. You must do this, even if it seems like the contractor's repair work resulted in the house looking exactly the same as it did before it was vandalised.

The reason for this is as follows; if the contractor made even a few small changes to the original design whilst repairing the vandalised areas, this could result in the building not being in the same condition that it was when the certifier inspected it and confirmed that it was safe, which might then mean that the first certificate they gave you is no longer valid. As such, if you want to be absolutely certain that the house is habitable, you may need to request a second inspection so that you can be issued a new and up-to-date certificate. Contact a certifier to learn more.

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