Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring uses a mixture of resins and hardeners across concrete to create resilient and attractive surfaces. Read on to discover the benefits in more detail.

Variety Of Decorative Options

This kind of flooring offers numerous decorative options. Contractors can add flakes to the epoxy solution to create texture and patterns—the resulting surfaces can imitate terrazzo, granite or other stones. The flakes and chips can be fine, coarse or any size in between, and they come in a variety of hues. With combinations of chip sizes and tones, the flooring can evoke the multi-toned look of natural substances. You'll be free to create the best blend for your home, office or retail store, matching the flooring to other decor components.

Another way to embellish your epoxy flooring is by adding glinting metallic pigments, available in a wide range of colours. Contractors can create artistic effects reminiscent of sparkling night skies or other cosmic views by forming swirls, ripples and othereffects during application.

For 3D epoxy floors, clear epoxy goes over an image embedded into the surface, which gives the impression of depth and dimension. For instance, a picture of a sandy beach will provide the feeling of sand that dips and rises rather than a flat surface.

Flexible, Durable And Low Maintenance

You can install epoxy flooring virtually anywhere due to its durability and resilience. Showrooms, restaurants and hairdressing salons—as well as home kitchens, bathrooms and living areas—are all perfect destinations for these treatments. Epoxy floors are water and stain-resistant—neither grease from cooking nor vehicles will inflict permanent damage, and the non-porous surface prevents moisture from seeping inside. Additionally, the epoxy mixture creates a hygienic layer that is suitable even for hospitals and surgeries. 

You'll be free to enjoy your beautiful decor without tons of maintenance work. You won't need to reseal the concrete, and it doesn't have grout or join lines that will collect stubborn dirt and grime. If your existing concrete has minor cracks and flaws, epoxy can fill in and smooth out the surface for a new look.

Whether for home or commercial use, epoxy flooring is an excellent option. You can colour and decorate it in various ways to mimic attractive stone or terrazzo. Metallic specks provide another array of design possibilities, or you can install 3D epoxy effects. This type of surface resists moisture and stains; thus, it can handle virtually any indoor environment, and it will need little maintenance work.

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