A Guide to Drain Cleaning

You might require drain cleaning services if your drains have experienced a clog that needs clearing up to facilitate wastewater flow. Here is what you need to know about drain cleaning:

Two Types of Drains

Any commercial or residential property might have two types of drains: a stormwater drain and a sewer drain. Both of these drains need to be maintained to avoid clogging. They also need to be unclogged and cleaned as soon as you start seeing signs of clogging.

Maintenance of these drains is easy but requires discipline. You need to form a schedule of when to inspect them for debris (in the case of stormwater drains) and remove the debris before it builds up. For sewer pipes, you might not have access to them because they might be located in the ground. What you can do is watch what you pour or flush down your drains. Avoid flushing things that are not tissue paper (sanitary pads, tampons, condoms, pieces of clothes, newspapers, hair, etc.); these clog up your pipes.

Also, avoid pouring oil in your drains, especially your sink. Oils don't do well in drains and can cause materials to stick and clog. You can also pour hot water and baking soda down your drain regularly to help clear any debris that might be forming a clog.

What Are the Early Signs of Clogging?

The most common sign is water that is draining slower than it should. Don't wait until it's too late and the drain is completely clogged because you might experience backflow. Backflow is when the contents of your drain flow back to your sink, toilet or bathroom; it is not a good experience.

Another sign is a smell coming from your drain. It might be an indication of something that is stuck and rotting somewhere along the drain.

What Are Drain Cleaning Services?

These are services that involve the maintenance of your drains (checking for pipe damage, removing debris before it accumulates, checking for the presence of roots that may affect the drain, etc.), unclogging drains and cleaning them with eco-friendly chemicals, etc.

How Are Drains Cleaned?

The two main processes used either require a drain snake or a hydro jetter. The drain snake is inserted into the drainpipe and rotated to unclog the drain. Sometimes, this procedure is not recommended, especially if the drainpipe is weak. A drain snake has the potential to damage the pipe.

A hydro jetter is the most recommended method because it uses pressure to unclog drains and takes less time. Speak with a professional who provides drain cleaning services to learn more. 

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