Why Install a Smart Garage Door Opening System?

While many people use automated controls on their garage doors, these controls tend to only work when you're near the door itself. As you come up your drive, you can activate the opening mechanism on a remote control; you then use the remote to close the door after you've driven inside.

You can, however, get automated systems with more features, like smart controls. How do these openers work, and why should you install a system like the MYQ garage door opener?

How Does a Smart Garage Opener Work?

A smart system connects a garage door to your home Internet system. Your Internet connection creates a bridge between an opener and a smart device via an app.

So, for example, once your system is set up, you download its app to a smartphone, tablet or computer, or even to multiple devices. You then use one of these app-enabled devices to control how and when the garage door opens or closes.

Why Install a Smart Garage Door System?

A smart system gives you the same kind of access to your garage as a regular, automated remote control. You use the system to open the door as you approach your home, and then to close it again.

However, this system comes with useful extra features. Basically, you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world as long as your Internet is on at home and you have the app on a smart device.

If you've left home in the morning and realise that you've left your garage door open, then you'll worry that your home is at risk. You know that people can use your garage to get inside. You might have to leave work to go home and close the door. With a smart system, you can do this on the spot. You simply use the app to close the door remotely.

These systems are also useful security alerts. Your app will tell you when the door is opened and closed. So if someone in your family forgets to shut the door, you can do it via the app. Or if someone tries to break into your home through the garage, you'll know as soon as they force the door. You can then alert the police that a burglary might be taking place.

If you want to upgrade to a smart system, ask garage door companies for advice. You can even retrofit some products, like the MYQ garage door opener, to some existing doors.

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