Tips for Building and Maintaining a Robust Key System in Your Office

A key is a small device that can wreak havoc in your office's security system. If one key lands into the wrong hands, it can expose your office to burglary, leakage of confidential data and a host of other crimes. Unfortunately, when keying locks and distributing keys to various workers in the building, most people don't stop to think about how certain actions would affect the overall security of the space. With this in mind, here are a few tips you can employ to build and maintain a reliable key system!

Issue Keys With Care

Take extreme caution when issuing keys, especially the high-level ones. For example, a master key that opens every lock in the building should be handed only to authorised and responsible persons. If the key got lost, you'd have to rekey the entire system or wait for a disaster to happen. As such, check the responsibilities and rank of an individual before assigning them a key.

For example, a manager who only needs to access their office doesn't need keys that open all the locks in the building. But a cleaner does. Keep records of who holds what type of key so you can hold them accountable for maintaining security. If there's a breach, you can also easily tell who was responsible for misplacing their key or enabling the intrusion.

Use Restricted Keyway Locks

Restricted keyway locks are designed to prevent people from duplicating keys without permission. Only one locksmith has the key to each lock, and they can only copy it under the orders of authorised signatories. Such a system makes people responsible for their keys such that they cannot just duplicate a key after losing it. This not only prevents unauthorised persons from accessing parts of the office, but it also helps you stay on top of your security. 

Remember to keep the list of authorised signatories short. This way, you can keep track of who allowed the duplication of which keys. Use an ethical locksmith who won't allow any duplication of keys without a signed document from the company's signatories.

Do Not Keep Spare Keys in the Office

You know those spare keys you keep at the reception? They will one day compromise your security. If someone gains access to your building, your reception area is the first place they will look. Thus, avoid keeping spare keys there or anywhere else in the office. Spare keys should be locked in a safe somewhere in a senior manager's office. This makes them less accessible to intruders. What's more, employees are obliged to care for their keys as they know they have to suffer the inconvenience of losing them.

Your office's locking system is only sturdy if you have a robust key distribution system in place. For more information on how to key your locks and prevent unauthorised access, contact a professional locksmith!

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