Foam Bitumen Paving: The Advantages

Whether you are paving your driveway or commercial parking lot, the paving you choose will make all the difference when it comes to costs, maintenance and durability. For a long time, concrete has been the standard type of paving used by many people. It is durable and the materials used are readily available. However, a new kind of pavement, foam bitumen, has become even more popular in the recent past. Also referred to as foamed asphalt, this type of paving is a mixture of bitumen, air and water. Many people prefer this paving, and here are some of the many ways you stand to benefit by investing in it.

Strength and Durability

Conventional pavement methods are designed to last. However, one of the significant problems you are likely to face with concrete pavements or pavements stabilised with a mixture of cement, ash and lime is cracking. This is common, especially in areas with high vehicle traffic. Foamed bitumen is just as resilient as cement when it comes to strength. However, it is more flexible and therefore performs better regarding resistance to cracking. That is, it is fatigue-resistant and won't easily crack, even with high vehicle traffic.

Installation and Curing Time

Generally, foam bitumen paving can be installed faster than other materials. Unlike other methods, like overlays, for instance, this type of pavement is done on-site. Curing time is another thing to consider when choosing paving materials. Concrete pavement tends to cure entirely after a few days. This would be an inconvenience as you would have to plan for alternative parking or direct vehicles elsewhere on your property. Foam bitumen, on the other hand, is time-saving because it can handle traffic immediately after installation.


Versatility is another reason to consider choosing foam bitumen paving. Just like concrete paving, foam bitumen paving can be used with a wide range of aggregates. This is imperative if you need to achieve particular aesthetic properties on your pavement.

Susceptibility to Weather Elements

One of the significant concerns when paving your driveway or parking lot is weather interference. Weather elements, especially rain and snow, can slow down the paving process and cause delays in the project. Delays in your project can in turn lead to inconveniences and even increase the overall costs. The method of paving with foamed bitumen, however, is usually unaffected by weather conditions. The layers of bitumen or asphalt can be added in any weather.

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