3 Questions to Ask a Demolition Company Before They Deal With Asbestos

If you're responsible for overseeing the demolition of an old office building before a rebuild, then you need to hire experts who can do the job safely and quickly. While some demolition jobs are relatively easy, others can be more complex.

For example, if the old building or its surrounding ground contains a lot of asbestos, then you need to be sure that your commercial building demolition company can deal with this problem. What do you need to know before you give them the go-ahead?

1. Do They Have the Right Licences?

If you need to deal with and dispose of a lot of asbestos, then you need professional help from a licenced contractor. You need to check that the demolition company has the relevant approval for the job that needs to be done.

This basically involves checking that the company has a licence to work with the type of asbestos on your site. Some contractors only have a licence to work with non-friable asbestos; others can work with any type of asbestos.

Given the nature of the demolition process, it's typically better to use a company that has all relevant licences. Even if most of the material appear to be non-friable at this stage, you could find other types of asbestos on the site as the building is cleared.

2. Do They Use Safe Disposal Methods?

It's important to dispose of asbestos safely. Contractors should commit to following certain rules in the way they handle, package and ultimately dispose of any asbestos they clear from your site.

So, ask the demolition company to explain how they do this. They should be able to tell you how they make asbestos safe after removal; they should also dispose of it in sites that accept commercial quantities.

3. Do They Offer Remediation Services?

If you have waste asbestos in the ground under or around the building you're demolishing, then you may not be able to start your new build until you make the ground good again. It may need some remediation work.

Some demolition contractors offer this service. It might be easier for you to use the company that is clearing the land to make it good again. So check if they do remediation work, or if they don't, whether they can bring in a trusted contractor for you.

To find out more about how to manage asbestos on your site, talk to local commercial building demolition companies.

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