Affordable Scaffold Hire

The costs associated with building construction always seem to be on the rise. Despite this, there are certain aspects of the construction exercise that you cannot afford to bypass in the name of saving on the overall cost of a construction project. For example, you do not have the luxury of opting not to hire construction equipment such as scaffolding.

What you can do is try to get the most affordable rate for such equipment. This article highlights a few ideas that could help you save on the cost of hiring a scaffold.

Avoid Uninsured Rental Companies

Saving on the cost of building construction is not always about spending the least amount of money up-front. It should also be about protecting yourself from additional costs that are often unseen during the commencement of your construction exercise.

Working high above the ground level exposes construction workers to the ever-present risk of fall-related accidents. If you hired a scaffold from a company that does not have public liability insurance, you will most likely have to account for the additional costs associated with such accidents.

Hiring from an insured scaffold rental company means that you will not have to spend any extra amount on issues related to the actual use of the scaffold until your construction is done.

Ask for a One-Time Payment

You will likely need to have the scaffold on your premises for a long period of time. Under normal circumstances, scaffold rental companies charge an hourly/daily rate for using their equipment.

You can make significant savings by asking your preferred equipment rental company for a one-time figure that is not based on an hourly/daily rate. This is especially possible if you intend to hire the scaffold on a long-term basis. You are likely to find that a one-time payment is lower than an hourly/daily rate of payment for rental equipment.

Be a Loyal Customer

If you regularly hire out construction equipment (not only scaffolds), staying loyal to one equipment rental company could save you some money. This is because you already have a rapport with the company in question.

It would be easier for you to get a discounted rate for scaffold hire from such a company than it would be trying to do the same with a company you have never worked with in the past. Taking advantage of a good working relationship between you and an equipment rental company can also save you money.

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