Questions To Ask Your Home Builder Before The Construction Of A Supplementary Structure

Supplementary structures are becoming a must-have for a growing number of Australian homeowners for various reasons. For starters, you could choose to construct a tiny home that will be perfect for an older child or that you can rent out as accommodation. Alternatively, you could choose to have a supplementary structure to utilise as a she-shed or an office space. Overall, your options are limitless! However, the construction of this structure is both time- and cost-intensive. So when you are hiring a home builder, you want to ensure that you are working with the right professional from the start to avoid any inconveniences down the road. This article lists a few critical questions that you should ask your home builder before the construction of your supplementary structure.

What will be the project's schedule?

It can be challenging to envision an end in sight if you haven't even had the land prepped for the laying of the foundation, but it is crucial for you to inquire about the project's schedule so that you can have an idea of how long it will take. Even though this structure will not be as expensive as a regular house, many things go into the process. From the laying of the foundation to the installing of the roofing, your home builder should be able to provide you with an outline of what to expect over the projected period. Having a schedule also helps you anticipate the expenses that you need to pay for with every passing stage, and this allows you to organise your finances.

How will your pre-existing property be secured?

Since your project entails a secondary structure, you likely will still be living in your main house. With that in mind, your home builder needs to have measures in place to ensure that your house is protected from potential damage while the construction process is underway. For instance, you should ask how the home builder would ensure that dust and debris do not make their way into your living spaces. In addition to this, you should also inquire about what steps would be taken to keep your landscaping intact during construction. A reputable home builder with expertise in these types of projects will have a detailed plan on how best to keep your house secure.

Are there additional costs to prepare for?

When it comes to construction, no two projects are identical. Therefore, even when your home builder may have undertaken this type of project multiple times, there is always the chance of variations in your project leading to additional costs. It is best to know this beforehand so that you are not blindsided by the extra expenses. This enables you to prepare for unexpected costs.

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