Aspects To Incorporate When Deliberating On Residential Building Design

If you are planning a custom home build at the beginning of the new decade, it is unlikely that you will want your new house to be characterised by last decade's building design trends. More and more people are looking for unique elements that they can include to their custom home so that it oozes character—not to mention that functional yet out-of-the-box design is bound to increase the value of your new house over time!

This piece features two aspects you should incorporate when deliberating on residential building design.

A sunroom

Despite how most people are aware of the fact that they should receive a degree of sunlight daily for the benefit of their health, not many do. And even when you take into consideration how scorching the sun can be in Australia, it is not that surprising that more and more people are spending their time indoors in an attempt to be sun smart! However, forgoing basking in the sun altogether is not healthy. For that reason, you should seriously consider including a sunroom in your residential building design.

A sunroom is advantageous in several ways. To begin with, having a sunroom means more sunlight filtering into your house, and this will make your interiors appear more spacious! Secondly, you have complete control over the glass utilised for the sunroom. Thus, you can opt for UV blocking glass that will enable you to absorb vitamin D while simultaneously protecting you from harmful UV rays! As a bonus, consider nurturing a vertical garden in your new sunroom to create a tropical ambiance in the room.

Communal living

An open floor plan is by no means a new concept in residential building design. Nevertheless, the fact that an open floor plan has been at the forefront of modem spaces does not mean it should be left behind in the past decade. In fact, in recent years, there has been a growing inclination toward communal living, and this is primarily facilitated by open-plan design. You should also note that an open floor plan is not merely about eliminating the walls between the living room and the kitchen.

Instead, you should consider positioning the main rooms in the new house, more so bedrooms, in a way that they lead out to communal spaces. This connectivity makes it easier for people in the house to interact instead of easily moving from room to room unnoticed. Moreover, communal living is not limited to homeowners with families. If you routinely entertain guests for dinners or game nights, this open plan with a focus on communal living will be great too.

Contact a company that offers residential building design services to learn more about your options.

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