Reasons You Should Use Acrylic Concrete Sealer On Old Concrete

Concrete sealing is a great way to preserve the look of your concrete. If you have never sealed your concrete before, you can still do it when it is old. Acrylic concrete sealers work by forming a film over your concrete. Here are three reasons you should use an acrylic concrete sealer on your old concrete.

Enhance the Appearance of Old Concrete

After a few years, the beauty of your concrete starts to fade. It looks washed out and dull. For instance, if you have used concrete on your driveway, exposure to the elements will make it look old and worn out. Concrete is very porous. That means that it will get stained with oils, paint and various other things that may spill on it. Old concrete can lower the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can quickly remedy this by using an acrylic concrete sealer. Make sure that you clean the concrete before you apply the sealer. You can get a contractor for all old concrete sealing services. Their training will ensure that they do a good job. After the sealer is dry, your concrete will have a shiny, glossy appearance.

Prevents Dust and Mould

Foreign particles will damage your concrete. Dust and other particles can cause the breakdown of your pavement. Old concrete will break down more quickly when exposed to dust and other particles. Since concrete is porous, exposure to moist conditions will encourage the growth of mould. Concrete gets even more porous with age. That makes it perfect for the growth of mould and mildew. Mould can aggravate allergies and make asthma symptoms worse. If you have purchased an old house, ask your contractor to put in the acrylic sealer. It will inhibit dust and the growth of mould. Secondly, old, unsealed concrete is tough to clean. You cannot sufficiently rid it of dust particles. An acrylic sealer will give you a smooth surface that you can clean quickly with a mop.


Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials in the market today. Acrylic sealer enhances its longevity. It protects your concrete surface from dust, mould and the ravages of the elements. That means, your concrete surface will serve you for longer. Old concrete requires a lot of maintenance and repairs. A sealer lowers maintenance costs and ensures that your concrete lasts a long time.


Acrylic concrete sealing enhances the appearance and longevity of old concrete. Ensure that you consult a concrete contractor when you seal your old concrete surfaces. Contact a company like Robert Guy & Sons Pty Ltd today for more information and assistance.

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