3 Things to Know When Buying Tinting Film for Your Home's Windows

Are you tired of coping with energy-inefficient windows? Are you looking for ways to reduce heat loss in your home? One cheap way of achieving energy-efficient windows is by installing tinting film. Window film reduces solar absorption while allowing you to improve your home's privacy. Unlike new window glass, film is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and does pretty much what new glass would. However, before you go out shopping here are a few things you should know to ensure you get the right product.

Window Film Come in Various Types

As you shop around, you will quickly realise that there are different types of window film for residential use. Some of these include UV, security and decorative privacy film, and they all have diverse functions and features.

  1. UV or solar film regulates indoor temperatures by absorbing most of the radiation from the sun, and it is primarily used for energy efficiency purposes.
  2. Security film is a thick film that strengthens the windows and prevents them from cracking from impact.
  3. Decorative privacy film is the lightest option, and it is primarily for adding curb appeal while increasing privacy in a room.

You should choose the product that best meets your needs. For example, if your windows are inefficient, a UV film would be the best option for promoting energy efficiency. This is unlike decorative film which absorbs very little radiation, hence doesn't help much in keeping your home cool.

Some Types of Film Can Be Damaging

Not all the above types of film are suitable for your windows. If you have old and dated windows, you should be careful about the film you choose. For example, solar film tends to absorb a lot of heat from the sun. If your window glass is weak, the high temperature can easily damage it and cause cracks. Therefore, UV film is only ideal for use with sturdy glass such as annealed, laminated, insulated or tempered varieties.

Security and decorative films can be used on any glass as they do not absorb a lot of heat. Therefore, if your goal is to achieve energy efficiency, you need an expert to examine your glass. In some cases, you may be forced to replace the glass with a sturdier one to prevent the risk of future damage.

You Can Choose Temporary or Permanent Options

Window film doesn't have to be a permanent addition. This comes as a relief if you live in a rented apartment or only need it for a specific period. For example, if you have a newborn, you may want to tint their nursery for daytime naps. There's an option of getting temporary or semi-permanent film which you can remove once the kid is older. If this is what you prefer, ask the seller before making a purchase.

Once you get your preferred film, contact a contractor for information about residential window tinting services.

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