3 Top Emerging Trends in Marine Transport

There is a reason event organisers prefer to import their products by marine transport: cost. Compared to air transport, maritime transport is cheaper, especially if you are importing products that take up significant floor space. However, if you are going to enjoy the benefits of marine transportation, then you have to understand the dynamics of emerging trends affecting this mode of transport. This article articulates current issues in maritime transport that events companies should focus on. Read on.

More Free Ports

As mentioned earlier, importers prefer using marine transport because of its low cost compared to air transport. As more harbours become free ports, marine transport costs are reduced further. The reason is that free ports in the destination country exempt shipping lines and products from taxes and tariffs, which is excellent news for importers. Therefore, you can spend less money on your imports by looking at which free ports exist in your area or in neighbouring areas. However, you must be careful with your choice of free port because choosing one that is far from your location would require that you organise road transport, which is expensive on your part.

Changing Climate

Global warming has become a significant issue around the world, and its impact on various industries has not gone unnoticed. In fact, over the last few years, marine transport has endured rising sea levels, sea storms and typhoons. Notably, all these are as a result of global warming. Therefore, one might ask what changing climate has to do with event companies importing products through marine transport. Well, one significant impact is that marine companies are forced to change routes continually because it can be difficult to tell when vessels might encounter sea storms. Without the right strategy, importers may fall victim to unprecedented re-routing, and their goods might take longer to arrive. When arranging for marine transport, therefore, ensure you ask the shipping company about possible re-routing resulting from weather conditions. Ultimately, you should choose a shipping line based on the information provided.

Smart Containers

Most shipping lines carry thousands of containers with many different goods in transit. Therefore, it is difficult for the liner to keep watch on every container and their contents during transit. Additionally, customers often do not know the condition of their goods until they reach the port destination, and in some cases, it might be too late. Smart containers are changing the landscape because they are equipped with shock detection, humidity and temperature monitoring, trackers and door opening mechanisms. These capabilities give importers the ability to monitor their products while at sea. For instance, if you are importing steel stage materials and humidity in the container increase, the liner will take action to prevent metals from rusting.

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