Advantages of Screw Piles for Industrial Projects

Building an industrial site in a rural area can be vastly different than one in a more urban area. There are issues with hauling construction items to the site. You also may have issues on the site with the property that can cause delays or special considerations during construction. One of the issues you will need to face is with what type of piles you have for the buildings. An option available to you is screw piles. Here are some benefits of this piling choice.

Site Excavation

A leading reason that many project managers choose to use screw pilings is due to site excavation. This is especially true when it comes to rural areas where you may have more issues with excavation. For example, you may have a property that has old, unused and capped off underground power or plumbing lines. This can make excavation and disruption of the land dangerous. With a screw piling there is little to no excavation needed, so reducing danger while still setting the pilings is easier.

Installation Times

Quick installation is one of the things that screw pilings are known for. If you are on a deadline or you need multiple building pilings placed, then a screw pile may be best. For example, a typical screw piling takes roughly 30 seconds to place. Advanced screw piles can take up to five minutes. This is still far less than a traditional concrete piling which can take days and require several stages including a concrete pouring and drying times. 

Removal Advantages

You may be concerned with placing the pilings and having to move the building or change the building layouts on the project campus later. When you use a traditional piling, you may have to have special excavation used to remove it and then excavation is done again to place a new piling at a different location. When you use a screw piling, you can avoid this. Screw pilings can be easily removed and easily placed at a new location. They also will disrupt the land considerably less meaning fewer environmental and soil integrity concerns. 

When you are ready to begin construction on the buildings, contact your contractor. They can help with the pilings, delivery and installation. The contractor can also answer questions you have regarding any warranties and any installation concerns you have. If you have multiple concerns due to the rural location of the industrial buildings and project, consider a consultation with a local piling contractor first.

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