Signs You Need A Garage Door Contractor

Garage doors have many electrical and mechanical components that all ensure they work properly. Although maintaining these doors regularly can help keep problems at bay, you are still likely to deal with issues arising due to wear and tear. In such cases, you should consult a garage door expert. Here are signs you need a garage door contractor.

Garage Door Does Not Open or Close

A garage door that won't open or close can be very frustrating. In many cases, the problem is caused by worn out or broken cables. A malfunctioning garage door opener may also affect the door's ability to open and close.

Another possible cause of the problem is the door's springs. A garage door has two types of springs: extension and torsion springs. Any of these springs could prevent the door from moving. The door may stop halfway when opening or fail to open at all. In either of these cases, you should call a garage door contractor to replace the springs.

Excessive Noise

If your garage door opener is noisy while being operated, you should be alarmed. This is a sign that there is a problem with the motor in the garage door opener. This problem is common with old garage door openers.

A replacement of the garage door opener and the motor will resolve the problem. You should never ignore strange noises like creaking, squeaking, or clanking sounds. The moment you notice these sounds, consult a garage door contractor.

Garage Door Comes Off Its Tracks

A garage door has rollers that help it to open and close smoothly. When these rollers come off their tracks, it becomes difficult to operate the garage door. You should summon a garage door contractor immediately to resolve this problem before it causes injuries to anyone operating the door.

A garage door can come off its tracks if a car runs into the door. Another probable cause is when the door's rollers break or one of the door's lift cables breaks. When the horizontal tracks misalign with the rails, the door may also come off its tracks.

A Sagging Door

Another common problem with garage doors is sagging. This problem is especially common with wooden doors. A sagging garage door is a sign that the door is not properly maintained. A garage door can sag because of rot, decomposition, or deterioration. It does not matter whether your garage door is wooden or not; a sagging door is a sign of a serious underlying issue.

You should talk to a garage door contractor to have a new door installed if you notice signs of sagging.

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