4 Reasons to Enlist the Services of a Property Development Surveyor

Do you think you understand every aspect of the legal description of your residential or commercial property? If this is true, then you're many steps ahead of most property owners. However, if you have limited information, it's essential to enlist the services of a professional land surveyor before developing your property. There are various reasons you would want to hire a property development surveyor, including:

Property/Boundary Lines

One of the main reasons you may want to enlist the services of a licensed property surveyor is to identify the actual location of boundary or property lines. These boundaries define your legal property possession and are vital before you erect a fence, pave a driveway, or incorporate a sun-room. Typically, surveys can indicate whether you and your neighbours are developing property under an incorrect assumption. Acquiring a boundary line certification will determine whether the legal property description is correct.

Easements, Roads, and Rights-Of-Way

Property development surveys reveal all restrictions enforced by the law and as reflected in your title deed report as well as other protocols. For instance, if your property impedes your neighbour's access to a particular road, an easement agreement can grant him/her access to the street through your yard. Generally, this information is available in public records, and a property development survey can assist you to have a clear understanding of these aspects.

Existing Property Improvements

You'll need a property development survey to certify that buildings, improvements, repairs, and alterations to your existing property during the survey do not violate laws and other regulations. The most common restrictions include height, dimension, parking, bulk, setbacks, and frontage. Additionally, the surveyor will inform you whether your latest improvements violate local development codes, allowing you to make the necessary amendments.

Zoning Classification

You may have some knowledge concerning whether your property's zoning is classified as light industrial or residential use. However, you may be shocked to learn that your zoning classification imposes certain restrictions on how you'll utilise your property. Hence, property development survey helps report your zoning classification and jurisdiction. After acquiring your full, certified survey, you may want to consult the right property attorney to ascertain whether your property conforms to the zoning laws.


These are the main reasons why you want to enlist a property surveyor. They help remove the confusion and disputes among neighbours and define the right property boundaries and zoning classifications. Consider hiring a property lawyer to ascertain whether your property requires surveying. 

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