Three points to check during a tennis court resurfacing project

Is your tennis performance suffering because of the condition of the court? While playing tennis is an enjoyable way to keep fit and to enjoy a few hours of quality time with friends or family, it can be hard to play if the surface of the court isn't right. Have you noticed ponding water gathering in certain parts of the court? Maybe the surface is actually wearing out and potholes are starting to cause a hazard as you dash across the court to return your opponents serve. Whatever the nature of the problems, they can probably be fixed by arranging for a repair company to undertake a tennis court resurface job.

Why is tennis court resurfacing necessary?

When planning a tennis court resurfacing project, you must be sure that whichever resurfacing company you choose they take into account three specific points.

Getting the drainage right — All outdoor tennis courts must be able to cope with wet weather. If your court doesn't drain properly when it rains, then there will be large amounts of time when you can't use it. Ask them what drain solution they will be using to ensure that there is no water backing up on the court causing the surface to wear away.

Getting the surface slope right — Water should never gather on the surface of your tennis court. On a correctly engineered acrylic surface, the slope of the court should allow the surface water to run off the court. If you find that water is starting to create ponds then the slope of your court is probably wrong.

Getting the layers right — While some court providers may lay the colour surface coatings straightaway that is never a good idea. It is important to include the acrylic resurfacer during a tennis court resurfacing project. It is this acrylic layer that re-textures the old court surface and helps all of the later layers to stick to the surface properly. If your chosen company skips this step, then you could find that the newly laid surface does not stay in position as well as you had expected and that you will soon need to resurface your tennis court again.

To find out more about what is involved in a tennis court resurfacing project you should speak to your nearest tennis court construction company. They will be pleased to advise you on everything that needs to be done to create the perfect tennis court surface for your court.

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