Getting Your Home Ready For Foundation Repair

Scheduling an inspection and foundation repair as soon as you discover a problem can help to protect your biggest investment. After finding a qualified and experienced foundation repair contractor and agreeing on when the work should begin, it is your responsibility as the property owner to ensure that you make the necessary preparations.

Preparing adequately and accordingly will make your repairs project to run faster and more smoothly. That said, here is a look at three key areas to focus on when getting your home ready for foundation repair.

1. Plan For Temporary Re-location

Foundation repair can be a very loud undertaking, and there may be safety risks. That may make it necessary for you to temporarily relocate from your home while work is underway. This is not always the case, and your contractor will advise you accordingly. As disruptive as relocation may be, it is definitely for your own good.

Depending on the level of damage and the method of repair used by the contractors, foundation repair shouldn't take more than a couple of days at most. At the end of this period, you can move back with the reassurance that all is well and that your home is stable and safe.

2. Get Your Yard Ready

You may want to move plants from the walls of your home to avoid water damage. Any plants that are within a few feet of the perimetre of your home are at risk of root damage if left to stand as they are. You could easily do this by yourself or call in a landscaping crew. You can think about replanting the removed plants once the foundation repair project is completed.

Again, the foundation repair crew will need clear and unobstructed access. To make things easier, ensure that you clear your yard and especially the area leading up to your house of all outdoor furniture and equipment such as grills.

3. Get Your House Ready

Foundation repair works can cause severe vibrations. These vibrations are strong enough to bring down pictures and any other hangings you may have on your walls. If it is of sentimental or financial value to you, make sure that you take it down yourself and keep it away in a safer place.

Additionally, you may also want to cover your furniture and other items around the house with a drop cloth. This will prevent any dust buildup from settling on your items. Contact a company that offers services like foundation underpinning to learn more.

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