What Drives People to Subdivide Their Land?

Ever wondered why some landowners divide their large tract of land into several, smaller pieces? The process of dividing land into several lots is called subdivision, and there are many reasons why people do it. 

Read along to find out why subdividing your land can be beneficial.

1. To Increase the Value of Your Property

Developing vacant land is a great way to boost the value of the land. But developing land costs money — money that you may not have. If you are looking to increase the value of your vacant land without developing it, carrying out a subdivision is one way to achieve your goal. 

Depending on the prevailing conditions in the local property market, creating more lots can often mean an increase in the total value of your land. 

In essence, you can negotiate a higher price when selling your land to multiple buyers when compared to haggling prices with a single buyer. Through subdivision, you can create lots that are more valuable than the entire tract of land.

2. To Increase the Marketability of the Property

Looking to sell off your land fast but are having a difficult time finding someone that can buy the whole tract of land? Subdividing the land into several, smaller lots is a clever way to get the property off the market quickly. Each lot of land will cost a fraction of the price of the whole property, so lots are more affordable. This, in turn, makes it easier to find buyers for the property. 

Subdivision also makes the property more attractive for people looking to buy the whole land for the sake of salability and increased property value.

3. To Keep Some Land for Yourself

So, you want to sell part of your land and keep some of it for yourself? Performing a subdivision is a great way to fulfil your desire. 

All you have to do is to identify which lots you want to keep and which ones you're ready to let go. Typically, people dispose of the undeveloped sections of their land and stay put on the rest. This way, they can watch their property increase in value as the surrounding vacant land gets developed.

Need to subdivide your land in order to achieve one or more of the above-discussed goals? Get in touch with a land surveyor that serves your local area to discuss your subdivision needs. 

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