5 Reasons You Should Use Timber Wall Frames for Your Residential Construction Project

Although there is a wide variety of wall framing materials used in residential construction, timber still remains the material of choice for many homeowners. The widespread use of timber wall framing systems in the construction of residential structures can be attributed to the numerous terrific benefits that they offer. 

If you're considering erecting timber-frame walls when building your new home, check out some of the top advantages that they can deliver.

1. Low Embodied Energy 

Compared to alternative wall framing systems, such as those made of steel, timber wall frames require less energy to manufacture and deliver to your construction site.

Very little energy is used to convert trees into wall framing products for your home. Plus, the final products are usually lighter in weight than most common wall framing materials, meaning less energy is required to transport the products to your location.

2. Locked-up Carbon

Plants, trees included, draw carbon from the atmosphere and release oxygen. When you opt to build your home with timber wall frames, you are helping with storing carbon, which can cause ecological imbalance if introduced into the atmosphere.

The carbon in your wall frames will remain locked up for as long as your building stands.

3. Great Thermal Insulation

As the need to minimise energy losses in homes increases with the ever-rising energy bills, the significance of timber wall framing systems cannot be overstated. Timber is a poor conductor of heat and can help reduce energy losses in homes through the walls and other areas of the building envelope.

4. Limitless Design Flexibility 

Timber is extremely easy to work with. It can be easily cut with simple equipment, making it easy to make adjustments to the design of your wall framing systems. There is virtually no limit to the design possibilities that you can unlock when using timber wall frames.

5. Sustainable Building Product

The trees that are felled to get the wood material needed to manufacture timber walls frames are sourced in an environmentally responsible manner to ensure that the demand for wood doesn't exceed the supply.

Like other alternative timber wall frame materials, timber has its downsides. Timber wall frames can burn, warp, twist, decay and get attacked by wood-loving insects. The good news is, manufacturers of these wall framing products are constantly investing in new technologies to make their products more resistant to the elements. If you'd like to order timber wall frames for your residential construction project, contact a timber wall frame supplier near you. 

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