The Difference Between Electricians Explained

Electricians are one of the most important tradies in the country but little is known about what they do from outside the industry. Unless you have experience in the electrical industry yourself, the most exposure you have probably had to electricians is calling one when your fuse blows. However, if you are getting into a major construction project then you need to understand that there are several different classifications that distinguish electricians from each other. Here is a quick rundown of the three major electrical contractors and when you should call them.

Commercial Electrical Contractors

If you are looking to fit-out your shop and need electrical work then there is no doubt that you should always aim for electrical contractors that advertise themselves as commercial electricians. This is because commercial electricians have more experience with large scale projects, data cabling, complex lighting systems and additional power solutions for tricky features. They also generally have a larger pool of employees to work with, meaning the job gets done quicker than residential electricians could manage. A commercial electrician also provides great maintenance support in many of their packages, which means you can keep them on file and they will be very familiar with your setup if anything goes wrong.

Residential Electrical Contractors

A residential electrical contractor is a very useful tradie indeed, and they are the ones you have likely had the most contact with. They can fix broken components, adjust and rewire rooms that require it and even extend and add on new wiring for extensions. Often residential electricians are smaller operations with a less extensive range of equipment but in 99.9% of call-outs they can easily accommodate your needs. They also cost less, are more flexible and have more experience in the problem-solving department than commercial electricians. 

Level 2 Electrical Contractors

A level 2 electrical contractor is one that has the necessary qualifications to not just change around your current electrical wiring but install new wiring that connects to the active power lines out the front. This is useful for homes that have decades-old wiring that has never been updated or for brand new homes that need initial wiring installed. A regular residential electrician might not have the correct qualifications to do this work which is why you should always be searching for a level 2 electrical contractor when you are beginning an electrical build. They can do everything your regular residential electrical contractors can do but just have a little more wiggle room and technical experience that allows them to do more dangerous but necessary work.

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