Stop Paying to Play! 3 Aspects to Guide Your Tennis Court Construction Project

You could turn your backyard into an excellent leisure zone where you and your family would relax and unwind. But how could you do it? Just get some professional builders to convert the backyard into a beautiful tennis court and help you stay active within the home area. A set of balls and a few racquets are all you need to enjoy a thrilling tennis session with your semi-professional family members. If you are a competent tennis player, you won't pay to play once you install a tennis court in your backyard. But what should you bear in mind to realise this dream? Keep reading.

An Ideal Colour and Surface

According to most professional tennis players, the play speed depends on the court surface. Avoid softer surfaces since they slow the ball and instead choose a harder surface to increase the ball's rolling speed. However, you could still go for a softer surface depending on the tournaments you engage and what works best in your vicinity. Grass and clay are some of the soft surfaces you can choose while concrete could be the best hard surface. Both the light and dark colour schemes would work for these surfaces depending on when you play and ball visibility. If you play tennis at night, a lighter surface would be great.

A Good Fence

Even though your old garden fence is in good condition, it won't meet the tennis fence requirements. A good tennis fence should be about 12 feet high. Although tennis balls 'fly' horizontally, they sometimes bounce off the court's surface. If the fence isn't tall enough to contain those odd trajectories, you may lose a set of tennis balls every day. For this reason, install chain link fencing to prevent ball loss and help the spectators avoid 'ball-hits' as they enjoy the match.

Court Ground

You don't have to build a large tennis court because your backyard is large. Contrary, the backyard could be too small if the court's baseline gets to the fence. When considering the court's size, don't just stick to the stipulated measurements, but allow some more space to enhance the players' movement. The court's ground and the surrounding area should be flat. If the court is sloppy or bumpy, the player could fall off or trip on to the outside court's terrain. Check the drainage of the ground before the construction work begins. Use the rainwater to check if the ground's tilt is adequate. If you intend to add a concrete surface, check the soil's stability to ensure any additional weight won't make it sink.

Ask the tennis court builders how the court should be maintained to help you enjoy the sporting activity for a long time without incurring repair costs. Let them help you get high-quality construction materials and also suggest how the court could be designed.

To get started, reach out to a local tennis court builder today.

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